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Shoutouts to My Friends
This is a page of Friend and maybe people who i dont like

Here is to all the people who actually mean something if your not on here THATS COLD .. jks w/e just tell me and i will add you


 LOL... what is there to say about tazz that hasnt already been said your one of my best friends and you make me laugh. Your moving but remember you wont be able to becasue i am going to tie you to a basket ball net and only let you off when we go to the club on the 30th! lol
lots of love (but not in a gay way)
Sponge bob and partrick acting retaded is us... Wheres Slavica?

Your and amazing friend I have so much fun with you your strang drunk but who cares. This year rocked casue i got a new freind who is a hell of alot of fun. So i hope we stay freidns for a long time!

I told you you were a strange drunk well here ya go(this pic is for you) lol



You make some bad desitions but youll alwayz be ma best friend sorry your not at the top of the list. but w/e your a great person you just need to remember to use your head or at least someone responsibles head... i make bad mistakes to... lol w/e lots of love (not in a gay way, besides lauras your gay lover)
Your so materalistic jks just couldnt find a Picture


PINK is for ppl i dont like and personally i think sasha you are a custy lil prepy-ass cunt-bag. You need to realize you are ugly and your not going to find a man... so you best start looking for desprit weman. And as far as "stealing your money" NOT EVEN! i dont need you money i never did and never will.