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Your Checking Out Smurffet's Site!

W/E i am bord and i have 3 more hours to kill so why not make a shity site that no body will look at and if you are looking at it then your a nobody


 I will probly put boring stuff about people so yea... Right now about me and my art work and writng has nothing in it so you poor sons of bitches will just have to wait




What's New?
kk.... i have this sapce i am suppoed to fill so now i am fill in  it with stuff you i will do favourite  quotes "Death is just another part of life,  but to some people it is more a fear then a reality" i made that up myself  lol "mad skills" and theres " fagbags" and  "hoebags" and "Beer tastes better when taken in larg doses" there they are so .... YES? why did you just read that??

YES... you are still reading how loyal are you???... STOCKER

YES i thinkn i am going to call the police now??... you sick 40 year old fat pig pedifile

E-MAIL  me about my shity site i would love to here how horrible it was for you to read it!